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Let it rain. Algren knows Romano is hitting below. The women help Algren string readers from hope to heartbreak without writing play-by-play. Feminists wonder why Beauvoir accepted in Algren the very tools of oppression she exposed in mankind—research?

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When Algren grew bitter he mocked her, but when he was brilliant he gave her good advice—to use racial discrimination in America as a model for her book on women. His won the first National Book Award. The gossip about their first date, often repeated, subverts recognition of another important Chicago writer. Algren may have been her guide, but her vision is her own, and her vision of Chicago is as apt as anything by Algren or Richard Wright or Carl Sandburg.

It was February:.

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We also went down straight bleak avenues; everywhere, it was cold…. The cab crossed bridges and tracks, passed by warehouses, went down streets in which all the shops were Italian. It finally stopped at the corner of an alley that smelled of burned paper, damp earth, poverty; the driver pointed to a wooden porch projecting from a brick wall. A garbage pail was smoking at the foot of a wooden stairway.

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I climbed the stairs. On the porch, I found a windowed door on the inside of which hung a yellow shade; that was probably it. But suddenly I felt nervous. Wealth always has something public about it, but the life of the poor is an intimate thing; it somehow seemed indiscreet to knock at that windowpane. Hesitantly, I looked at the row of brick walls to which other stairways and other gray porches were monotonously tacked. Above the rooftops, I saw an immense red-and-white cylinder: a gas tank; at my feet, in the center of a naked square of earth, stood a black tree, and at its foot a little toy windmill with blue sails.

In the distance, a train passed; the porch trembled.

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I knocked and there appeared at the door a rather tall, rather young man, his chest stiffened by a leather jacket. He looked at me in surprise.

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She notices in that America runs on optimism, for example, and that optimism leads us to blame our poor for their poverty. Maybe Beauvoir killed the beast.

Beauvoir was tolerant but would not be tamed. What I have tried to do since is take my life back from you. And came home alone. Or it might have been the gambling. It might have been the critics. It might have been the McCarthy era that did Algren in. Unable to publish his views or muzzle them, Algren resorted to satire and was dismissed as a clown. So goes another theory. For a time, Algren had outperformed the best American writers. In , Algren left Chicago for good. Chicago Tribune columnist Rick Soll attended his moving sale in the third-floor flat at West Evergreen.

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Algren died six years later in New York. Long Island took his body. The Ohio State University took his archives. The City of Big Shoulders mostly shrugged him off. The famous symbol of indifference is Evergreen Avenue: the city changed its name to Nelson Algren Avenue, and when residents complained, changed it back. Originally posted by Fhqwhgod :.

Ace says that he told the 9th Man to investigate it and report back later while he would investigate the other door. That's why the 9th Man dies screaming about 'he lied' I know you know this. So presumably he planned to clear it then meet up with the others, who would've been totally cool with everything, naturally. Kind of a plot hole. The 9th Man must be pretty gullible, seeing as they had no plan beyond that. Maybe the 9th Man intended to come back out right away, but then he kind of would have had to explain himself, and if you're going to do that then why the hell would you take a hostage?

They were keeping secrets, so Ace wanted to know whether it was a 'joke', so maybe 9th Man optimistically believed that, and he was used to being Ace's subordinate, but, eh, I feel like that stretches belief, it's a bit suicidal. Hence the shows of force from the beginning. Last edited by alicia, the moon sage ; 4 Apr, pm.

He isn't an idiot.

The Ninth man

There would be no way to go back out after going in. Besides, that would render the whole thing pointless if he did. Ace made it clear he didn't tell the Ninth Man the plan. That's what I'm questioning, is he supposed to be an idiot?

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Did he think they'd stage some kind of takeover? Presumably the allure of Ace's lie was getting out of the ship without everyone else, but then again they could've just stolen bracelets, so why did it even matter that much? What was it worth the risk for? I wrote it kind of sarcastically because while he's presented as nervous and desperate and subordinate, there's a difference between covertly investigating something and taking a hostage to do something and rendering yourself persona non grata forever.

Also possibly trapped in a puzzle room. He should know how the ship works. You'd think they'd have hashed it out more or something but it's never mentioned.