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The spirit was so mighty that Aggramar sensed its dream even through the din of activity that rattled across the world's surface. Yet as Aggramar drew closer to Azeroth and beheld the world, horror seized him. Void energies shrouded the world's surface like a layer of diseased flesh. From the ruined landscape rose the Old Gods.. Miraculously, the nascent titan's spirit remained uncorrupted, but Aggramar knew it was only a matter of time before it succumbed to the Void.

Aggramar formulated a bold plan of attack: all members of the Pantheon would travel to Azeroth and purge the Black Empire that had claimed it. They would not, however, take action directly. Due to their forms, Aggramar feared the Pantheon would damage, or even kill, the world-soul. Instead, he proposed creating mighty constructs to act as the Pantheon's hands and prosecute their will against the Black Empire.

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Under the guidance of the great forger Khaz'goroth, the Pantheon crafted an army of enormous servants from the crust of Azeroth itself. The members of the Pantheon imbued a number of their servants with their specific likeness and powers to lead the rest of the titan-forged.

These empowered beings were called keepers. Though they would develop their own personalities in time, they would forever after bear the mark and abilities of their makers. One of them is known as Keeper Freya and the titan Eonar gave the construct command over Azeroth's flora and fauna. As one, the keepers turned their riteous gaze on the heart of the Black Empire, the sprawling city built around the Old God Y'Shaarj.

By toppling the most powerful bastion on Azeroth, the keepers believed they could crush their enemies in one strike. However, Y'Shaarj was more powerful than the keepers had expected. The Pantheon grew concerned that the Old God would overwhelm their servants. Despite the risk of harming the world, they decided to take direct action. Aman'Thul himself reached down through Azeroth's sky and took hold of Y'Shaarj's body. With a heave of his arm, he tore the Old God from the crust of the world.

In that moment, Y'Shaarj's bulk was ripped apart. The immensity of the Old God's death rattle shattered mountaintops and obliterated hundreds of titan-forged where they stood. Y'Shaarj was dead, but its tendrils had bored more deeply through Azeroth than Aman'Thul had ever imagined. In excising the Old God from the world, he had ripped an eternal wound in Azeroth's surface.

Volatile arcane energies—the lifeblood of the nascent titan—erupted from the scar and roiled across the world. The keeper's most pressing concern was the horrific scar left behind when Aman'Thul had torn Y'Shaarj from the world's crust. A constant stream of volatile arcane energy bled from the colossal rift, lashing out across the world. The keepers knew that, if left unattended, these energies would consume Azeroth over time. The keepers labored day and night, crafting magic wards around the gaping wound to staunch the escaping lifeblood.

Eventually, the energies calmed and settled into balance. All that remained of the scar was an immense lake of energy that the keepers would call "the Well of Eternity". Thereafter, the power of this fount would be infused in the ailing world, helping life to take root and bloom across the globe. As the titan-forged began shaping Azeroth, Keeper Freya set out to populate the world with organic life.

To do so, she crafted the Emerald Dream, a vast and ever-shifting dimension of spirits and nature magic. Freya then wandered the world, searching for areas where the Well of Eternity's energies had coalsced. These regions created optimal conditions for the development of new flora and fauna. Frey shaped immense enclaves of nature at these places. The greatest creatures to emerge from these enclaves were the colossal animals known as the Wild Gods.

Freya often wandered the physical world with the Wild Gods at her side. Yet there was one place she and the Wild Gods frequented more than any other: a massive forested peak called Mount Hyjal.

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Tied to the ethereal realm, they would come to symbolize the health and vitality of Azeroth. The elements that carve form into the universe are fluid forces of nature. Some beings seek to bend the power of these natural elements to their will. Druids, however, worship the protecting spirits of nature.

By leveraging the sacred powers of the moon, the sun, and the stars, balance druids access arcane and nature magics—made more potent still through shapeshifting, when the spellcaster takes the form of the moonkin—to aid in the fight against imbalance that threatens the natural order of all things.

Feral druids also seek to curb imbalance in nature. They observe the fantastic intricacies of the physical world and the delicate fabric in which all living creatures are given purpose. Whether on land or in the sea, in a lush jungle or an uncultivated desert, death is part of the cycle which sustains life. Nature is an eternal dance between predator and prey.

As a shapeshifter, the feral druid endlessly pursues a greater understanding of this truth. They seek a visceral connection to the wild, and in combat take the form of a deadly feline predator. Feral druids become ferocious, agile stalkers—ripping, biting, and bleeding their enemies dry. He also burned many Druid books if his confessions are to be believed.

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But hang on, we are repeatedly told that the Druids did not have books! He also prayed for an old Druid to die — we are told that Arch-Druid Lochru was lifted up high in the air but Patrick knelt in prayer and the Druid fell and was dashed to pieces upon a rock. St Patrick is said to have caused the murders of almost eight hundred Druids. The folk tale of a she-beast called Caoranach that he banished to an island in the middle of Lough Derg in Donegal is accompanied by the tale of a woman who followed him very closely and that after he had banished the she-beast, this woman was never seen again The pilgrimage today to the retreat centre on Lough Derg is a trick for the followers of this St Patrick religion because it is on the wrong island… the Pagan cave temple on the island that the Catholic Church tried to use was not hospitable to them so them moved their Purgatory to another island in the same lake and achieved some commercial success for a while.

The two sisters were washing when St. Patrick came upon them. He told them that the only way to see God is after death. Patrick then baptized them after which they both died. Not a good plan — this seems to be a cover story for something else.

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A church in Tulsk nearby is named after them. Hang on a bit! Eithne and Fidelma remained for a while on their knees, deep in prayer. A rough stone altar was made ready and Patrick prepared to say Mass. Before the Mass began the two girls came forward again, saying, "We wish to consecrate ourselves as Spouses of Christ". Patrick received their vows and placed over them the Veil — the first consecrated virgins in Ireland. Then they wished to see the Face of Christ.

Patrick offered the Sacrifice and gave them the Holy Eucharist. Then they closed their eyes, and then they died. Why are we told that these two female Druids became Nuns who were automatically brides of Christ in a polygamous marriage that could never be consummated? Why were Virgins marrying a dead man? They are claimed by the church as being among the first converts by Patrick to his tradition.

The druid school they were attending is named after the Gaelic version of the sea god that is best known today as Neptune. But shush! The Irish church tells us that it was by public acclimation that Patrick got this title. Yet this is just spin.

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