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My father was a doctor, but also a master gardener. We grew all our own fruits and vegetables.

I was very fortunate to have a childhood spent climbing fruit trees and playing among rhubarb leaves and blueberry bushes. It was an old school way of life that gave me a deep connection to where food comes from.

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Also, I was a Division I college athlete. When I was about 17 I made the connection between what I ate and how I performed on the field and I created my own cook books out of tear outs from fitness magazines and shared them with my family. Little did I know that it takes a lot more than diet and discipline to truly heal.

What changes did you notice in your life when you started to make your own mylks and incorporate adaptogens into your life? As I said, I have found that it takes more than a change of diet to heal. I finally found something that I loved doing - a calling outside of myself.

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I knew what I wanted to do and that was to help people to feel better and heal in body, mind and spirit. I was healing and I wanted others to do the same. I think the most exciting thing about medicinal mushrooms and herbal remedies is that there is alchemy behind it. It feels magical and intentional. You are a mom of four kids and have your own business.

How do you manage to stay balanced between your business and as a parent? My children are my priority above everything and everyone.

Be a joy seeker.

I decided to start a business as a full-time single mother with no income, no financial support from their father and no days off because I just had to. This calling is so much bigger than me. I find great pleasure in cooking for my family and in picking them up from school. I fill every crevice of my life with work and with kids. My children work at aMYLK, too. Being united in a common goal makes us closer and they feel invested in aMYLK, too!

I do try to sneak away when I can to get some private soul searching time to myself. I like to go to Esalen in Big Sur or to the Beach. The ocean soothes me. Could share with us your thoughts and perspective when you read the words? Financial Security: Working toward it! For me this means safety. I long for it. Community: Building community is everything. When I lift others, it lifts me. Marketing : Marketing to me is a creative outlet. Self Care: Taking time to be grateful do the things that light me up.

Collabs: The best part of business. What have been the most joyful moments since you started your business? When did you know that you were going in the right direction? For me, that is the best!

Can you share your favorite motivational quote or saying that keeps you motivated on those days where everything comes at you at once or plans change all over place? This is life. It is what it is. What matters most is that I actively seek joy - everyday. However, I do not obsess about collecting joy like I once did. I think the value here is in the seeking, not necessarily the reaping.

I know that I don't need to hoard joy and store it up for a rainy day. There is plenty of joy to go around. Joy is everywhere, all around us. There is no shortage of joy. Successfully seeking joy requires a certain mindset. Mike was a natural seeker of joy. He found joy everywhere he went. Everything that I know about joy, I learned from him. He showed me that joy is not something you spot using only your eyes.


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Mike taught me that authentic joy is only revealed to us when our hearts are open to it. And, his heart was wide open to joy, and to life. It was beautiful to see life through his eyes. I know that I am a better woman for it. I also know that some people never recognize the joy of an ordinary moment because their eyes can not see what their hearts do not embrace.

I am grateful that I was taught to seek joy by an expert.

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The art of seeking joy is one of the best gifts Mike gave to me. I am profoundly grateful that Mike's influence on my life continues, in countless ways, even though he is gone.

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  8. The way that I find and seek joy has his signature written all over it. And, this is one of the ways he lives on through me. The beauty of my new life is that I am 'free' in a way that I have never been before. I no longer strive to have "all my ducks lined up in a row". I don't look for and crave order the way I used to. I still prefer to calculate the risks and gains; but, I don't get as anxious about the outcome now.

    I know that I do not need to come out on top every time. I have proved to myself that I can adjust to whatever life hands to me. And, most importantly, Mike's death has taught me that life happens to us. There is no way to keep one step ahead in life. No matter how carefully you plan things, the unexpected occurs.

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    And, sometimes there is even joy hidden in the unforeseen. Life is unpredictable. Unanticipated events happen. Abrupt changes occur even when you are well organized. Change is the only thing constant. And, because of this, I know that my life and your life will change - in time.


    Then, when we are comfortable, our lives will shift again. This is the ever changing nature of life. What tomorrow holds is unknown for us all. And, in this uncertainty, there is also endless possibility and boundless opportunity. Being a Joy Seeker, I choose to focus on the potential for good.