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By promoting joint research projects, technology-oriented networks and the commercial exploitation of scientific research results, knowledge and technology transfer should increase. In comparing the German federal states, the performance level of application-oriented research institutes in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is still not enough.

By giving more funds to application-oriented research, innovation capacities will be expanded. The joint panel of Bioenergy Promotion and SPIN provides snapshots of innovative approach to business in the bioenergy sector from the Baltic Sea Region, with particular focus on biogas. Among the speakers and the invited guests are businesses operators and technology providers , representatives of municipalities, as well as European, national and local policy-makers.

Discussed examples of business chains, and public-private cooperation link demand and supply in a sustainable way and create added values at local and regional levels.

Funded Projects

Sustainable Innovations and Green Economy — more than buzzwords? The panel discusses policy initiatives and. How can public institutions and associations support businesses in tapping the full potential of resource efficiency? How can innovations in the surface treatment sector contribute to improving resource efficiency?

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The panel provides a snapshot of activities and experiences from policy and businesses in the Baltic Sea Region. Application of eco-innovations improve sustainable production and make especially small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs more competitive, profitable and environmentally friendly. SPIN matches supply and demand: on one side, many SMEs still struggle to respond to requirements imposed by EU directives, as they do not have access to the existing technological or managerial solutions - on the other side, a large number of new sustainable technologies and innovative managerial solutions is being developed that cannot find a market.

To overcome this mismatch, SPIN brings together SMEs from the supply and demand side and develops recommendations how to improve the policy framework for sustainable innovations in the BSR. The latest solutions in the field of environmental protection, representatives of international industry leaders, special areas, specialised conferences and business meetings - all of these will be included in POLEKO International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection, which will be held from 22nd to 25th November in Poznan, Poland.

Please register via our online portal: www. After registration you will receive a confirmation mail with further logistical information. Conference language will be Polish and English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

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In this database you can find information on projects funded in the period Innovation is widely understood as the driving force for an economic growth. It is new products and services, and new technologies of producing, packaging or delivering them which add value to economy, and enable us to improve our standard of living.

Partners of the subproject: Applicant — Public institution National regions development agency. Partners: Indre Ostfold - regions council Norway. Siauliai Chamber of commerce, industry and crafts.

Macro-regional Strategies: 20 Years of Territorial Cooperation in Europe

Observed different ability of education institutions to earn additional funds promotes to think if less entrepreneurship vocational school is capable of entrepreneurship culture creation, popularize entrepreneurship? All entrepreneurship education has to be pointed to final result — to educate a personality which is capable to act responsibly and independently. To solve this kind of problem there is a need of relevant competence. Direct beneficiaries are vocational education institutions teachers 56 persons , not direct — vocational education institutions pupils.

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The aim of the subproject — strengthen a social partnership in entrepreneurship encouraging and increasing vocational schools teachers competences, educate learners entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial qualities. Simulation trainings — entrepreneurship creation in firm. Publication which contains all good experience gained during the subproject. The aim of the project — encourage regional social cooperation and partnership network creation in Lithuania by improving immigration and integration policy measures. Project implementing since Not broken integration concept to concrete integration types and support holistic approach that there is a need of assumptions creation and improve social and economical status of immigrants. Partners Contacts Write us.