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Osinga provides lucid expositions of the various elements that Boyd synthesized into some truly original formulations and ways of thinking about strategy. Science, Strategy and War will and should remain required reading for years to come.

Science, Strategy, and War: The Strategic Theory of John Boyd

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Established seller since Seller Inventory F Language: English. Brand new Book. This book aims to redress this state of affairs and re-examines John Boyd's original contribution to strategic theory. By highlighting diverse sources that shaped Boyd's thinking, and by offering a comprehensive overview of Boyd's work, this volume demonstrates that the common interpretation of the meaning of Boyd's OODA loop concept is incomplete. It also shows that Boyd's work is much more comprehensive, richer and deeper than is generally thought.

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Seller Inventory AA Seller Inventory n. Book Description Taylor and Francis , London, Seller Inventory Bookseller Inventory ST Seller Inventory ST It must provide insight and questions, not answers. Good theories provide relevant and useful conceptual frameworks by means of which to understand the general requirements of a strategy and the general logic associated with its effective employment.

Such theoretical conceptual knowledge is critical for policy making. Strategists have had difficulty abstracting themselves from the features of a given war or period, and identifying the lasting characteristics that would apply to all contexts and all periods. As a result their work generally reflects the war, or factors that affect it, as seen through the eyes of people living in their own time, imparting a contemporary color to their military thinking.

Mindset: OODA Loop by John Boyd

The reader, then, is left with an expanding number of partial theories, each of which has a limited range of applicability, be it bound by geography continental, maritime, urban, jungle dimension air, land, sea , weapons technology and combat method nuclear, terrorism, counter-insurgency, guerrilla , etc. Clausewitz and Jomini were deeply affected by the drift towards total war… and their thinking is dominated by the role of the masses in war. The works of Liddell Hart, Fuller, Douhet and Mitchell reflect the trauma of World War I, the mechanization of the battlefield and the increasing and intensifying involvement of society in war, despite the fact that they develop different solutions to the problem of the vast destruction of modern war.

In both, their experiences produced a violent reaction against past military theory and practice, held to be responsible for the disaster. Both advanced a new model of military theory, which they held universally valid and which involved an unhistorical approach to the special conditions that had determined the patter of the past.

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The seeds of a theory and the fertile soil. Weapon development was not necessarily driven by sound operational requirements so much as by industrial interests and a faith in technology on the part of Pentagon officials. This was a spectacular example of spontaneous self-organization. It is the fact that these factors are too many and too small to know that causes the system to be unpredictable.

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Thus bifurcation also denotes a critical state in which the system either evolves or becomes extinct. In other words, living systems are autonomous. IF the discovery of uncertainty was the start of the paradigm shift, the discovery of the essence of perpetual novelty may be considered one of the key themes of the Prigoginian era. Instead of chance and random mutation driving evolution, as classical Darwinist theory asserts, it is the capacity to learn, to propagate successful traits and schemata, and to recombine in novel relationships, that leads to the emergence of adaptation and evolution.

Moreover, it deals with organizational culture and leadership and offers a new conceptualization of tactics, grand tactics, strategy and grand strategy, showing how systemic interaction and isolation is the name of the game of strategic behavior. Theories that correctly account for many phenomena that had previously been poorly understood, or that adumbrate new paths to explanation, are obviously better than those that illuminate a very narrow range of questions, or questions to which we already have satisfactory answers.

A change of vision can usher in a whole climate of thinking in which many exciting and testable theories are born, and unimagined facts laid bare.