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After all,. I began thinking about what personality traits I wanted in a friend: self-aware, appreciative, understanding, conscious, respectful… I wanted to have meaningful conversations with people who would motivate me to work harder and execute better. It was and still is difficult to find people who fit this profile. My growing intolerance of low-quality people did not help either. I questioned my humanity as I judgmentally filtered people, however my well-being still held priority.

I knew this was necessary if I wanted to grow from my relationships. Although I made many companions through one-on-ones, I did not have a solid friend group to call my own.

It was when I graduated college when I stopped dwelling and focused on spending time with myself and a few loved ones. As a result, I was able to deepen my understanding of those I value most and continued to refine my sense of self. I planned the trip with a few friends, purposefully inviting people who embodied characteristics of my ideal friend. Fortunately, everyone blended well together. The trip was filled with incredibly vulnerable conversations, nonstop dancing, and homey meals around the dining table.

A family was forming, and I could not be more excited and grateful. We even started planning the next trip before we said our long goodbyes.

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Had I invited just anyone, the experience would not have been as fulfilling. I understand how pretentious this can sound, but there comes a point when you stop caring about outside perspectives.

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This idea of setting standards bleeds into other parts of life. If you value clothing that is comfortable and compliments your body, then make it a rule to only shop for items that suit you. If you value alone time, then make a rule to only go out certain times of the month. If you value autonomy and growth in a job, then only apply to companies that can provide what you need.

This is suspenseful reading I can't wait to see what happens next in the lives of Zoya, Jamal, Lelia and Donnie.

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Oct 27, Matysha rated it really liked it. This second installment added another mysterious element to already crazy story. Jul 14, D. After reading Rules of the Game I was anxious the read the sequel, however I was a bit disappointed. Its called Revelations, however I was left with more questions than revelations.

The story just abruptly ended, and although I know there will be another book, the ending seemed to just end mid-conversation. I sure hope the next one is better, because I do wanna know what's gonna happened.

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  • Revelations (Rules of the Game #2) by A.C. Arthur;

This installment just seemed to have too much going on and instead of being left in suspense I was left some After reading Rules of the Game I was anxious the read the sequel, however I was a bit disappointed. This installment just seemed to have too much going on and instead of being left in suspense I was left somewhat frustrated, because nothing was accomplished.

I also didn't see the purpose of the whole funeral scene other than to point out how dysfunctional Zoya family is. In the first book I felt Zoya was a bit naive, however in this book she seemed a little weird instead of mysterious. I saw her as weak this time whereas in the last book, she may have been naive,but she was strong. I usually love A. Arthur's books, however this one left me feeling discombobulated, like trying to understand a story someone is telling you while you're extremely hung over.

Its not awful, however it just wasn't up to her normal standard in my opinion. I'm a Fan, so I will keep reading.

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Feb 22, Wilki J rated it liked it. Revelations picks back up where Rules of the Game ended. The name served the book well I guess; some revelations were revealed and showed a different side to Leila.. Alfonzo has a score to settle but he's not the only one. Jamal and Donnie have a lot to contend with off the court as blackmail and revenge becomes the norm for these two 'players'. First off.. These few revelations was not enough 'meat' to make up the plot.

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This could have been added in Rules to the Game, instead of being stretched to make another book. The scenes with Zoya and all that transpired on her trip took up so much of the book and didn't add to the plot, but slowed down an already short read. I hope part three is better. Jul 08, Kim rated it it was ok. I really did not get the point of this novella. It really answered no questions from the previous book and just left us with many more unanswered questions and forces us to read the last book to get answers which I'm not inclined to do at this point. The whole Zoya going to the funeral storyline was just out of place and unnecessary.

I didn't see how that angle contributed positively to the storyline. Donnie paying the ransom with no guarantees was just idiotic. I could go on and on Not sure if Ill read the next book in this series. Jan 02, Cassandra Baker-Durham rated it liked it.

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AC left me hanging a lil bit on this one, it kind of ended abruptly. I read that as one of your spells, not one of your Oracle spells. It doesnt word it to be a spell from the Oracle spell list, just one if your spells. Pretty powerful for a Mystic Theurge, but you lose so much Arcanist and Oracle specific progression that I think this one makes up for it a bit. The actual guideline is that "your spells" in a class feature refers to spells granted by that class. Sorcerer: Do the bonuses granted from Bloodline Arcana apply to all of the spells cast by the sorcerer, or just those cast from the sorcerer's spell list?

The Bloodline Arcana powers apply to all of the spells cast by characters of that bloodline, not just those cast using the sorcerer's spell slots. General rule: If a class ability modifies your spellcasting, it applies to your spells from all classes, not just spells from the class that grants the ability.

The exception is if the class ability specifically says it only applies to spells from that class. I really like that!