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After some discussion with Kai, they made it clear they preferred to continue attending his church while remaining Buddhist, because they felt they were not ready to commit to Christianity. Kai realizes changes need to occur to the evangelism process. Consequently, from his experience with his Buddhist congregants, he concludes we can no longer assume people have any significant prior exposure to the Christian background.

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In his book Kai establishes Biblical and Theological evidence that evangelism requires an ongoing deliberate pre-discipleship relationship with the unconverted. His intention is for his readers to build pre-discipleship sensitivity, taking every opportunity with the unconverted to establish a firmer pre-conversion foundation.

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Such a rethink is like a domino effect affecting our understanding of evangelism, conversion and discipleship which Kai tackles in his book. In essence Kai demonstrates that each is a part of a larger ongoing process, and rather than thinking statically and compartmentally about each, the reader needs to think in terms of evangelism as a gradual process. The Power of Your Testimony. Leading a Transformative Bible Study. Sharing the Gospel: A Call to Conversion. Pursuing Christ-like Character.

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I once did a church plant that was something of an experiment to see what would happen if we let go of traditional lines of church thought and practice. This woman came out of the West Coast theater scene and was a costume maker.

I was thinking about how the church has loved and accepted when the love and reality of Christ flooded my life. We became friends, but I never invaded his Buddhist world with Christian persuasion tactics. One Friday night near midnight, I was in the office doing some things when a knock came at the door. It was him stopping by to tell me he just had an encounter with Christ that was life changing.

Now I am back in a traditional church and these things are no longer possible. Oh how I miss it — but worse, how many unbelievers are missing it? Mitch, Why not allow this to happen again? The long and short of it is there must be a welcoming atmosphere. The first thing people do around here is try to get them into the various programs of the church or pressure them into a Bible study group, or make it their mission to get the unbeliever saved.

Me — I love to hang out with lost people and I love for them to hang out with us. Our people will not just allow them to hang out. A retired pastor who attends our church became loud and agitated with me in an informal small group meeting. I believe we need to give the Holy Spirit the opportunity to rub some grace in….. Subsequently, salvation becomes an escape from the fear of death. It is a life of entering into………….

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In my previous church where unbelievers would attend for up to a year before becoming a believer, those new believers would often be far more advanced in their walk with Christ than many of those who had been believers for years. I know this is a super old comment, and what you said really spoke to me. I was part of a church like the one you describe as well.

It was in Arlington, TX. It was wonderful and amazing. We might still be there, except we moved. Such groups of believers are so rare. Most groups require some sort of conformity of belief and behavior before you will be accepted in. That feeling has never returned.

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I consider walking away almost daily. I live in a pretty rural area with only few churches around, many of which have gone reformed. What keeps me is that I think, on the surface level anyways, Christianity is still the most reasonable worldview. I like what you say here but it seems so subjective. Funny, how subjectivity would trip me up now since I was converted through an entirely subjective experience, yet, it does indeed trip me up. Sounds to me that your struggle is probably with churchianity and not so much Christianity. My guess is that you have not truly experienced biblical community and opportunity to do so in rural areas is very difficult.

To gain a better perspective of what and why institutional church has not only let you down, but is not biblical, I suggest you read a book called Pagan Christianity, by Frank Viola and George Barna, and the follow-up books as well. Here is a link to a web site I find very encouraging in my daily walk.

The daily devotionals and free on line books are a blessing to me as I wander in the wilderness outside of institutional church. Thanks, Chris. Perhaps it was the Holy Spirit I experienced, or maybe just an emotional high.

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When I was a kid, I used to have quite the imagination; as I grew older it was difficult letting go of some things I thought were real when I was younger.