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What memories will be made this year? What adventures will we have? What a different way to think than how we used to… we now still live to work we do love what we do , but our priority is on working to live.

See a Problem?

Happy Rving! Follow all six members of the Pignatora family on Facebook and YouTube! However, I came off the road in April and the RV is about to be sold. I started my journey in after covering the industry for 14 years from behind a desk. I decided I could work anywhere I had electricity and an internet connection. It was an eye-opening experience to be a consumer using the products, staying at campgrounds and living the lifestyle. As new parents, we dreaded dropping her off at daycare all day and the only time we saw each other as a couple was right before bed.

Our weekends were filled with house chores and playing catch up. I still remember getting into that big SUV every morning for work and feeling like I needed to be a good mother.


In tears, I pulled away from our house that we worked all week to pay for knowing someone else would be rocking my baby that day. We realized we were working to pay for stuff and not really spending time as a family. We then decided to downsize to create more family time.

The RV Lifestyle In 5 Simple Steps

While discussing how small of a home we wanted, we discovered the RV lifestyle. Why not downsize and put our home on wheels to travel?! So instead of renting another house for a couple years we purchased an RV and decided to take life on the road.

Paul Kortman Click to tweet. However, we are going to park it permanently. Follow the Kortmans on Facebook! Ross and I were roommates at the time and had been good friends for years.


My story and why I decided to live in an RV

We pretty much only hung out with each other in Portland, and neither of us had any connections there, so when I told him I wanted to get an RV and leave to see the country, he decided to go with me and we started our travels and relationship at basically the same time. It was in driveable but rough condition and ugly so I took the opportunity to live in it for a month in Spokane where I had some friends I wanted to see before we hit the road.

I re-did the interior, painted cabinets, decoupaged walls, made blackout curtains, had the carburetor worked on and generally got used to living in the space and how to deal with the moody year-old appliances. Back in Portland, Ross worked on selling off the rest of his things, his car, and setting up an arrangement to work remotely for a tech startup he had been working for.

We attempted a going away party where nobody showed up except his guitar teacher, and we hit the road one rainy evening, October 12th, We managed like that all the way to central Nevada where the alternator went out on us, we replaced that after a week long stay waiting on parts, and made it all the way to Slab City Niland California before having to replace the starter.

We got stuck in snow in New Mexico, learned that our tires were too bald to drive in rain in Texas especially with no antilock brakes , had to cover it with a tarp when it rained, and soon enough the differential started to go out. We made it all the way to New Orleans in that thing nevertheless and there is where we decided that despite the troubles, we were ready to upgrade to a bumper pull trailer and something with an air conditioner and do the RV thing indefinitely.

However, we also love the comfort of home and being with our 2 dogs. So when we got the idea to have the best of both worlds and have a traveling home on wheels… it was a no brainer for us! Louis, MO, away from both of our families in Peoria and Chicago.

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We felt like we were living in the car while we were always driving home to see one family or the other. Over a couple of years, the joke turned into a serious discussion about selling most of our possessions and hitting the road full-time.

29 Reasons Living in an RV is Better Than Living in a House

June of this year marks one year of full-time RVing for us. The funny thing was it all started because we found it difficult to see our families.

Now we have been away from them more than ever. Fortunately, our parents have come out to visit us on the road. My husband became ill a few years ago unexpectedly, and everything was put into perspective. We decided we should get out and explore the world. Why wait until we retire? We are a little nomadic at heart — having lived all over the world already. But now we have two dogs who we also want to have with us as we travel, so RVing made the most sense. Then it came to us — we should see North America in an RV and discover what else is possible!

So we quit our jobs, sold our possessions, and left everything behind. See North America in an RV and discover what else is possible. Follow Camille on Facebook!

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  • We wanted to travel and explore while we are still young and somewhat fit. We realize and learned there is no promise of tomorrow. We RV because we enjoy the freedom. My husband and I started playing around with ideas of how our family of 6 could have a perpetual life on the road. Living in an RV was a logical conclusion. What really blew our mind was how many people were already living out our plan!

    Learning from those who went before us helped provide the confidence that it could be done. It blows my mind how many people are already living in an RV! He knew there should be more to life than wasting away inside a corporate office, 40 hours per week. The idea sounded great to me, yet scary at first.

    Having Less Doesn’t Always Mean Wanting Less

    I lived by routine and felt stable with my regular paycheck. However, what I often remind myself, is that this is your ONE life. Shake it up. Do something unexpected. Trust the process. Go live in an RV…. This is your ONE life. Now, every day is a new routine. Every day we make new friends. Every week we have a new backyard. Every moment makes us stronger and heightens our appreciation of what life and our country has to offer. We bought our RV originally for the the purpose of enjoyment- taking it out on weekend for family trips, etc. RV living full time never crossed our minds, or mine, I should say until about a year into our ownership.

    Each time we took the RV out we found ourselves never wanting to return home. We loved the simplicity of life that accompanied our time away in the RV. This feeling really made us start thinking about our long term life goals and how we could financially achieve them. The biggest regret of most full-time travelers is not doing it sooner.