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Koume is a junior high school student living in a small town by the sea. Isobe is a boy with introversive nature who has feelings for Koume. The two get physical before they explore their feelings.

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The more they spend secretive time together the more their hearts fall apart. Eileen, a housewife from a foreign country settles in an abandoned village. Eileen and people around her are boisterous yet lovable. The serialization started in , a turning point when Japan has dissociated from post WW2 society. Finally republished. A realistic crime action is written by Ramu Murata known for ramming reportage of the underground society.

Atsushi burdened with illegal loan, starts a criminal deed of peep filming at shady motels. This is an omnibus collection of prominent short stories the phantasmal genius manga-ka created from to Bullied boy Ai-chan joins the buddies and together they challenge the unjust world in a small way… but a sigh along with expiration disappears into the winter sky.

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While working as a part-timer, he reunites with childhood friend Rui who is achingly carefree. Right when he was trying to confront the past, he becomes a suspect of child molestation case that took place in the neighborhood. Will his guilt be condoned? What does one see beyond the anguish over own existence?

The salvation of a psychiatrist. Sense of powerlessness and irritation was taking over. Seeing a doctor of same profession was out of question. Instead, the psychiatrist decides to go see a fortune-teller,,, would it help? What does the psychiatrist find out after seeing several fortune tellers….

What is human salvation?

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He became broadly known through TV, radio, magazine, lectures, events and etc. You could say he is one of the most noticed and promising philosophical scholar and a young gladiator. The plain writing style and enthusiastic cerebration offer possibility of positive and free living.

Joy and suffering of sharing a dream as a pair, The connection is different from that of best pals or married couples, they are a comedian pair. They had been consciously avoiding serious confrontation to discuss their future as a comedian pair, and now they face becoming 30 years old. They are seriously committed as comedians, and know they are cornered unless they make changes.

Residents of her world are all very cute.

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In order to walk with your own legs until the final stage. It is an exercise that rests too much on ones knees and back. Despite of this, people enthusiastically continue to exercise radio gymnastics is people over 65 years old. When you read through to the last episode, a tale of supreme love will show up. Pipi, a girl living in a factory town Gil, harbors pure feelings for a boy Kai who is the only one who can hear the music fulfilling this land.

Finally republished! How a boy met the girl whose influence has led him to become addicted to computer games. A night at the head of the line waiting for FFV to be on market for sale. A way to play computer games with utmost glamour on a rainy day All are true stories.

I am starting my life… to get revenge on the world. Adult version of "Melody. The best of Natsume Ono's comics, that introduced the new comic book genre of "gentleman's fantasy love Gentlemen MOE ". A forest, a girl, and a man. There is a story.

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  • Long awaited new work by Natsume Ono! A tale for grown ups. If you can spend a whole day with the bear and make it out of the forest, you an become whatever you hope to be. No one realizes the adult media is eroding the reality. The internet has drastically changed the environment of sex. Even the young generation without experience has in common knowledge what is showing in adult videos. While sexless men and women are talked about, the book unzips the history of adult media for the first time and portrays current landscape of sex affairs.

    Long awaited first book of Machiko Kyou, the lyric comic author with her appealing soft touch, pastel colors, and a little bit of spice. It was awarded at the Agency of Cultural Affairs Media Art Festival for unprecedented 2 consecutive years, and it was a sensational topic on the web and other media.


    It was finally decided to be published in book form. A year has passed since his disappearance from New York. J reunites with his first crush Paul at the correction facility he ended up. J leaves the honorable all-boys school and starts a new life in New York and gains notoriety as a drag singer.

    His relationship with Rita aspiring to become a poet and the club owner Arthur are featured.

    The 'New York' version is all about J. Early works by Asumiko Nakamura collected and published as new edition!! J loses his parents and starts a new life at a prestigious all-boys boarding school. His wish is to become a lady like Marilyn Monroe.

    Story of a soul searching for true love takes off when J meets Paul, the fated one. Very first psycho-suspense by Nakamura Asumiko! All starts from the mysterious death of a beautiful young girl Fujino Aki. Sakura who claims herself to be Aki's twin sister shows up in front of the novelist Mizorogi.

    Caught between the twin sisters, Mizorogi is driven to the corner getting himself involved in plagirism. The editor and the detective are after the mysterious case. One mystery leads to another and the center of it all is a faceless body. Oldest daughter is a serious good girl. Second daughter is into rock'n'roll. Twins third and fourth daughters are in their own world.

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    The youngest son at the mercy of 4 sisters is growing a bit twisted. The new star illustrates a cute and erotic family drama and the love lives of the 4 sisters and a brother of the Matsuno family. Cute and erotic story by Yuiji Aniya, new star of comics. The world is ok so long as the two are together.

    This late blooming love cannot ever come out in the open.

    今、この青春をどう生きるか (後半)

    May in Miyagi-prefecture. After 3 years from the Great East Japan Earthquake, after-quakes were still active. As the quakes gradually grow stronger, abnormal change takes over the residents. The author residing in Sendai portrays a world never seen. After 3 years from well received 2nd print, adjustment has been made to incorporate Amendment of the Copyright Law.

    Digitalization of archival documents in national libraries, securing rights to share information for the people with hearing or visual impairment, reviewing regulations on copyrighted internet materials for smooth access; the newest edition has collective information on libraries and copyrights.


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    Is it only I who regard librarians as true missionaries of copyright law, who in some cases siding with proprietors, and in other cases siding with users, aiming for cultural progress? When it comes to copyrights, there are number of cases settled without judicial precedent, we should be watchful of cases or struggles that are not tried at the court. With the cultured ability to detect danger, one will be prepared to deal efficiently.

    This is a pragmatic book so users, especially editors, can benefit from the information, written by authority of copyrights who has been observing copyright incidents over the years. A must-read book summarizing all that you need to know as a photographer! Discussions are renewed taking in the accelerating digitalization. Recently photos are changing from Silver halide film to digital. Management of data is becoming extremely difficult, especially photo data sent abroad.